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We, Catuxa and Ignacio, have spent the last ten years working together as architects, and we do not only share a great passion for architecture and design but also have a passion for shoes. Shoes, for us, the most sophisticated and attractive element in a person's clothing.

In pursuit of learning our craft, we have learnt from two master craftsmen; Josep Cunillera and Carlos Piñol. We soon discovered that shoemaking shared many similarities with architecture and that we can combine our professional experience with the great pleasure of hand crafting and making our shoes giving us control at every point in the process, from the beginning to the end.

Our unconventional approach to designing is not an obstacle and does not compromise the integrity of the craft, but rather enables us to offer a modern twist to this ancient art whilst maintaining the highest quality in our products.

Even though our designs are already defined, each pair of shoes is unique, made by hand using the tools of this ancient trade, one by one using our hands we shape mould and create each shoe.

Because, our work is unique, it is sustainable by definition takes no regard of trends and gender. For us at Aldanondo y Fdez, this is true luxury.