Natural leather back zip ankle boot inside view
Natural leather back zip ankle boot top view
Natural leather back zip ankle boot outside view
Completely handcrafted in Barcelona by Aldanondo y Fdez.

About this shoe

Natural leather back-zip ankle boot. Side panels decorated with seam lines. Lining in soft calf leather. Natural leather sole. The heel is made up of layers of natural leather. The sole is attached with Blake-stitching.

handcrafting a pair of soft wholecut natural leather shoes
021 — Cash Boot

021 — Cash Boot


This pair is completely hand-made in Barcelona, Spain, by Ignacio Aldanondo and Catuxa Fernández, using local materials, celebrating excellence in craftsmanship.

Please note that for this particular way of slow-making we only make shoes on demand.

As we make each shoe completely by hand, using natural products, the finished product may have small differences these are not imperfections  but are part of the shoes character, as small scratches and wrinkles.